Sustainability certification for biobased chemicals & materials

(work in progress)

For a full version of this blog post click here (word version, includes comments by Roald)

Key points

  • Costs of sustainability certification do not appear to be very high; around €10.000 to €20.000 for medium sized companies;
  • Sustainability criteria for biobased chemicals and materials are in the making, but look set to be more stringent than those for biofuels;
  • Competition over feedstock with biofuel uses is already displacing use for biochemical production, as markets for biofuel enjoy policy support, whilst those for biochemical use do not. This is set to increase with the revised Renewable Energy Directive, which will increase double counting of biogenic residue and by-products use for fuel production. Differentiated sustainability criteria will further erode the attractiveness of the use of these feedstocks for biochemical production;

3 thoughts on “Sustainability certification for biobased chemicals & materials

  1. jblackest

    To me the question is to what extent second-generation refineries can be treated as a separate industry from sugar- and starch-based refineries; if they can, then Europe might move ahead with hard standards and market pull instruments for LC-based products in an effort to create a market that is relevant enough for global players to serve and doesn’t just punish EU producers. This may be complicated by the likelihood that second-gen technologies may be (at least at first, in many cases) add-ons to sugar and starch-based refineries.


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  3. Dubreuil Marjorie

    Maybe these short reports published on could give additional insight:
    “Options for Designing the Political Framework of the European Bio-based Economy”
    “Level Playing Field for Bio-based Chemistry and Materials”



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